domingo, 11 de abril de 2010

Clash of the Titans

I went to see this movie hoping to find a good example of combination of old stories with new technologies, but the result is absolutely disappointing, specially because the film has a cast with several very good actors (like Lian Neeson, Ralph Fiennes or even the promising Sam Worthington).
The classic story about Perseus and Medusa has been changed in a lot of things. So the film seems only a B movie, and not a good film to see in a big theater and to pay the price of the ticket. But the worst part is this movie has the most dreadful 3D effects I have ever seen. It was like a pathetic paper cutout screened in front of your polarized 3D glasses. If "Avatar" is "the day" about 3D technology, this unfortunate film is "the night". You can see perfectly they originally made the movie in 2D and when they saw the success of other new films, they decided to digitalize and to polygonize the sequences to give them volume, and rendering them to try to convert the movie to 3D. But I'm sure they used only two or three stagiaires working a few days to do it, because the result is awful. So I do not recommend spending money to see it. There are better options to do it.

My score: 4 (out of 10)