lunes, 7 de junio de 2010


In my opinion this is a kind of film that you can love or you can directly hate. There is not a middle point. This movie is sometimes comedy, sometimes surrealistic and sometimes even drama, but all immerse in a frenetic rhythm full of jokes and hyper-violence. This is the story of a geek (Aaron Johnson) that decides to be a superhero called Kick-Ass that shows some brilliant points during the film. But the best part is the performance made by Nicholas Cage (Big Daddy), because it was the first time that this actor made me laugh… and of course the performance of the little girl Chloë Moretz (Hit Girl) who was absolutely incredible. I think she is the soul of this movie.

Several moments of some of the actors during the movie, trying to be pathetic superheroes, are brilliantly mixed with amazing real action sequences absolutely typical of the classic superhero films and almost worthy of the best Sam Raimi. The expression for me to describe this film is: this movie is ridiculously entertaining, a kind of mix between “Watch men” and “American pie” but very well done to enjoy a fun night of cinema. I recommend it.

My score: 8 (out of 10)

Two lovers

This is a very interesting film that was a surprise for me. I saw the James Gray movie “We Own The Night” three years ago, and I really liked it, but this time this director entered in the field of the love relationships with a wisdom absolutely amazing. Maybe this is the best character that Joaquin Phoenix has ever played, in a bipolar role very well done. Gwyneth Paltrow works also very very well with a praiseworthy maturity. The director shows a wet, cold and solitary NY that could be also an important part of the movie like an extra character. The script is very good… and the looks, sad, happy, disappointing or quiet, that you can see during the full movie are a vital component of the film. I’ll follow the future work of this guy, James Gray. I think most of people could feel that some of the moment or the situation showed in the film could fit with some moment lived along their lives. Very recommendable film.

My score: 9 (out of 10)