martes, 18 de mayo de 2010

Robin Hood

I saw this film expecting to see a spectacular version of this classic and legendary hero, hoping the great Ridley Scott could make a new “Gladiator”, but this time the result is not so good. You can’t see anything new that you didn’t see before in the old versions of Robin. But anyway, the movie is a good adventure film and the medieval scenery is very well done. Although I felt that Russell Crowe has the automatic pilot during the full projection, repeating most of the points of the “Gladiator” film. However Cate Blanchett made a good role as a classic and harsh and long-suffering Lady Marian. The rest of the characters are quite typical and topical, but I suppose it’s not easy to do anything new with this story that was filmed a lot of times along the history. So, I continue liking much more the Errol Flynn version of 1938 and of course the Sean Connery’s film of 1976 with Audrey Hepburn.

Well, if you want enjoy a good evening of popcorn and coke, and live a classic adventure, you can go to see it. It’s a good product but it’s really far away of the best works of the master Scott.

My score: 6 (out of 10)

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