viernes, 6 de marzo de 2009


Sincerely, I think this is a fantastic movie as adaptation of the brilliant comic. I admit that there are some factors, like the flashbacks, that aren't as good at the film as they are at the comic, but that is quite usual in a lot of adaptations. Different language... cinema vs. comic. However, the story is so well done (and even although there are some changes on the original story) and in general it's so accurate of the comic in a lot of aspects, that is... even surprising! You can feel the "passing" across every magazine of the comic, seeing on screen the scenes that reflect practically the exact image of every cover. The characters are portrayed in a absolutely accurate way. The "dirty" and typical New York of the eighties is awesome. There is not a soundtrack made specific for this movie that you can remember, but the songs of the eighties used is brilliant (it's really to remember the sex sequence in "Archie" with the song "Alleluia"... the same that is Shrek but in a different version). And it's invaluable the beginning with the history of all the Watchmen since the forties, and the alternative history of the world with that "Pinocchio" Nixon governing the USA until the eighties (the Watergate never was uncovered), the victory of the USA in Vietnam, and a lot of things of that masterpiece of the comic art. I can't wait to see the extended version in Blu-ray (with one more hour that was cut), because there are some gaps. I enjoyed this movie like a good dish! Very recommendable if you liked the original comic Watchmen.

My score: 9 (out of 10)

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